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Wild West

Cowboys East Wild West Show

Cowboys East is the Best and Biggest Wild West Show East of the Mississippi. Our award winning performers and entertainers are the finest at their crafts. They have thrilled audiences of all ages at venues all across the country including Rodeos, Festivals, Theme parks, Casinos, Conventions and much more. Cowboys East Wild West Show consists of Target Whips, Shooting Demos, Gun Spinning, Fast Draw, Trick Roping, Knife & Tomahawk Throwing, Comedy, Magic & More!! There is NO other show that has the quality of talent that Cowboys East delivers to your event. The Best Roper, the Best Gun Spinner, the Best Trick Gun Shooter, the Best Knife & Tomahawk Thrower, the Best Magical Medicine Man Show and a One-of-a-kind Whip Act makes Cowboys East #1.

Cowboys East Wild West Show Performers Image

Cowboys East Show Poster

Cowboys Easty performers

Cowboys East Gallery

As professional trainers, our troupe can assist with any theatrical film or television project - either as trainers for actors or as technical advisors. We can even tailor our training program for non-entertainments who want to learn “Wild West” skills for their own personal desires. All of this is done through a “Wild West” mini-camp.

Cowboys East brings everything needed to deliver the Best Wild West entertainment to your audiences. Each show is customized to a client’s individual needs. Show times of 20, 30 or 45 minutes are available.
Make your next event the best it can be with the “Wild West” professionals of Cowboys East.  “We are the Best of the West”

The art of the bullwhip

Starts with a volley of Whip Cracks, an introduction and a welcome to the Wild Wild West.  Whips fly, targets are cut, papers are shredded, playing cards are cut and candles are extinguished.  All with a little luck, a lot of skill and a 10 foot long Bullwhip. (pic of bull whip behind words)

Tomahawks and Knives

The thrower heaves a variety of sharp and pointy objects into a round wooden target.  Oriental throwing rings and special playing cards are hurled and wedged into the target.  After they are retrieved, it’s time for a large variety of tomahawks to be thrown with deadly accuracy from 18 feet away.  Tomahawks are switched out for knives as the barrage of throwing skill continue to amaze the audience.

Cowboys East - The medicine Man

The medicine isn’t real, but the good times are!  A hilarious, rip-roaring romp into our past with the “Good” Dr’s side-splitting comedy, magic and astonishing snake oil elixir.   This act will have you wanting to buy some of the elixir and wishing there was no end to the show.

Trick Ropin

Poetry in motion is one way of describing this feat performed with fifty feet of rope and the skill to make it dance.  The Butterfly, the Texas Skip and the crowd pleasing Wedding Ring are only some of the routines our roper performs to an amazed audience.   Audience participation abounds as three people are chosen to come up on stage and learn to do the Cowboy Flat Rope Spin.  Each participant gets to keep his/her rope to remember this experience and to continue to practice and impress their friends at home.

Trick and Fancy Gun Spinnin

Special replica Cowboy 6-shootters are juggled, spun and tossed from one hand to the other and up and over the shoulders to the rhythm of great western music.   This part of the show is ended with the spectacular “Two Balloon, One Shot” Pop!  This uses a double edged ax to split one shot in order to pop two balloons.    Impossible?  See the show and believe!

Deputizing the Children

Children love the Wild West just as much as the adults.   Our show allows us the opportunity of sharing the experience with the children by bringing the kids to the stage and deputizing them with badges and even a swearing in ceremony.   Kids won’t soon forget their day spent with the Cowboys and Cowgirls.


Any or all of these performances can be combined to create an event that will leave audiences wanting more and wishing they were a Cowboy.   Show can range from 20 to 90 minutes in length. 


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