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Magical Shop of Wonders

Wizardry and magic have been mesmerizing us for centuries. Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings stories introduced them to our children and have been enthralling them ever since. The “Magical Shoppe of Wonders” show brings all these fascinating elements together into one show.

Shows can be 20, 30 or 40 minutes in length to fit your individual needs. Shows include a backdrop and all the props that are need to visit this enchanted and Magical Shoppe of Wonders

Eric Dasher Magic Shop of wonders image
Magical Shop of Wonders image
Eric dasher - Magic Shop of Wonders

Eric plays the owner of a traveling magic shop. In the show, he demonstrates some of the enchanted items he has collected over the years.

Children and Adults are amazed and enthralled by the wonderful feats of magic that Eric performs.


Eric dasher - Magic Shop of Wonders

Eric has performed parts of his show at the Philadelphia premiers of both Harry Potter movies. Here, guests are startled as a member of Slytherin house jumps out to see them.

Eric dasher - Magic Shop of Wonders



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