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Flea Circus

Dr. Farnsworth’s Flea Circus
will astound you, mesmerize you but most of all it will entertain you with feats of daring and skill performed by Pulex irritans, the human flea. Capable of jumping 150 times its own height, move objects hundreds of times their own weight and demonstrate circus skills equal to Barnum and Bailey circus performers.

See trained fleas perform daring
 circus stunts including:

The High Dive
The Strong Man (flea)
Fleas on the high flying trapeze
And the Human Cannonball through
the Hoop of Death finale

By none other the Flea Knievel.
And much, much more!!!

Flea Circus’s have been around since the 16th century. Few have operated since the 1950’s. Many have heard of a Flea Circus but few have actually seen one. Now is your opportunity to see this rarely seen spectacle. A Flea Circus is fantastic entertainment for festivals, fairs, private parties, corporate events, park districts, YMCA’s, scout meetings, birthdays, or for no special event at all. Your Flea Flea Circus PicCircus show can be personalized to meet the needs of your specific event or party. Regardless of the venue, the audience will enjoy entertainment the likes of which is rarely seen.

Dr. Farnsworth’s Flea Circus
Dr. Farnsworth’s Flea Circus
Dr. Farnsworth’s Flea Circus

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