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Pollution Reduction Conservation Presentation

The Pollution Reduction Conservation Presentation
is an exciting show that teaches students the importance of protecting the environment and simple things they can do every day at home and school to reduce their trash and carbon footprint.  The show entertains as it educates.  Ben teaches the conservation principles: reduce, reuse, recycle, and respect while using his highly polished skills as a professional juggler and magician throughout the show to demonstrate the key points and hold the audience captivated. This program has been performed for over 8 years and was developed under a grant from the Division of Solid Waste Management and NJ Clean Community Partnership.

The show utilizes themed illusions and variety acts, audience participation, and follow-up activities all of which reinforce and help students remember key points. 

Ben Lipman
Ben combines performance skills from around the world with comedy, magic, and dance, giving variety entertainment a polished modern attitude to form a novel show captivating and inspiring audiences of all ages.
Awards Received:
New Jersey’s Top 40 People in the Year 2000 issue of New Jersey Magazine.
Atlantic City Magazine review Juggling Genius
The New Jersey Press’s Top Summer Job of 2001
Make it Magic Competition 1st place

Summary of Performance Skills
Choreographed juggling, magic, and manipulation routines: Acrobatics, crystal ball contact juggling and much more.
Death defying stunts: Machetes, Bowling Balls, Torches and Fire-Sticks, Balance Tricks, Fire Eating, 6ft unicycle, 12 foot free standing ladder!


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