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Aquatic Shows

There’s something now swimming around Snakes-N-Scales, and though it has no scales, it’s no reptile!

Snakes-N-Scales has been bringing you a new, unique and dynamic idea in entertaining educational animal programming…

Fish Tales and Ocean Odd Balls

After many years of successful reptile, amphibian and insect oriented shows, Snakes and Scales newest, most unique show is a must see. It includes live animals such as the underwater strongman the starfish, the peaceful but spiny sea urchin, the ancient and mysterious horseshoe crab, and the home designer’s nightmare, the decorator crab. Each of these are touchable and have no ability to hurt anyone. This show also includes some true fish, "the sharp bellied clown knife fish, the weird, whiskered, Amazonian arawana and the predator of the lake, the gar, (true fish are not touchable)".

The show will be presented over the course of an hour using our brand of jokes, stories and “animals’ eye views” discussing what it’s like to live in the water, how these animals find food, and avoid becoming food. This show will look at these incredible creatures in a fun and hands-on, very interactive way to find the fun facts about these wonderful water creatures.

Then for special treat everyone will always remember, add an additional half hour for watching, feeding and safely, touching a live stingray as it "flies" around the inside of our portable pool. Now you don’t have to go to Florida!  (Extra charge for Sting Ray applies)

Our dedication to conservation and education continues as we present hands-on unique experiences with creatures from the oceans of the world.

Aquatic Show Crab
Aquatic Show Crab
Aquatic Show Sponge
Aquatic Show Horse Shoe Crab
Aquatic Show Starfish

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