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”The Madcap Melodrama of Magnificent Madness”

This is a highly interactive, wild and zany melodrama chock filled with mystery, magic, slapstick, sight gags, one-liner jokes, pies, pratfalls, ricocheting rubber chickens, dueling plungers, audience participation, madcap fun and plenty of laughs. Produced and performed along the lines of a classic vaudeville show....this is hilarious, wholesome fun entertainment for the whole family....”Boo” the Villian, “Cheer” for the Hero, and “Awwww” at the adorable, yet not so dainty a part of the show as these fantastically, wacky characters take you on a journey back in time where the villain gets his due (wrapped in tin foil or pied in the face...who knows which?) and the hero saves the day and rides off into the sunset with the girl.
The Cast:
Tex Hold Em (the Hero)
Snidely H. Whiplash (the Villain)
Annablle Amoré (the Damsel)
Running Time: 30 min.
The show is best produced for events such as street fairs, renaissance fairs, carnivals, festivals, flea markets, boardwalk entertainment, theaters, night or comedy clubs, casinos, resorts and so on. Any venue where the space is conducive for a medium sized traveling show.
Please call to inquire.  The fee depends on location of event, number of shows, and other possible production issues.


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