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Dino Puppets

Come on in and meet Prof. Al O’Saurus, a paleontologist who’s dug up a few friends to introduce to you. In a forty-five minute show, the professor will use the magic of puppetry to bring to life several different dinosaur species and help his audience learn a lot about the magnificent creatures of the past. But don’t be surprised if there’s a lot of silliness and light-hearted fun along the way.
In this particular show, the professor has brought along some of his favorite dinosaurs: a velociraptor and a protoceratops. He’s also headed down to the beach so he can please his audience with a plesiosaurus. And to celebrate the birthplace of modern paleontology, the professor will also tell the story of the discovery of New Jersey’s very own state fossil: the Hadrosaurus Foulkii in his own unique and fun way. Before he goes there’s one more surprise: the professor has uncovered a very large egg in his travels. Together with the audience he’ll find out who’s inside. So join the professor on a rollicking dino-safari you’ll never forget.


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