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Big Bug Party

We don't even know all the bugs that will be part of the party, but we do know that these will be some of the options...

Cobalt Blue Tarantula
Feared by many, tarantulas can be beautiful.




Theraphosa or the Giant Bird Eating Spider
This is the largest type of spider in the world. And though we won't let you pet it, you will see it up close. And with our magnifying camera you can look at it eye to eye to eye to eye to eye to eye to eye to eye!




A species of cockroach, either a Madagascar Hissing or a Death's Head
Roaches are another bug many people are not crazy about, but in the wild they chew up a great deal of rotting material and pass it out as soil. You just don't want them doing that in your cornflakes!




A Chinese Flower Mantis
Some call them praying mantises because of how they sit. But they're not praying, they're hunting, and they hunt so well that the bugs that become their "prey" never see it coming. Theirs is very different kind of party.




Tomato Hornworm
Though considered a pest in the garden, caterpillars undergo truly amazing transformations and give the world of insects their greatest beauties, the butterflies and moths. 




Australian Stick Bug
These guys could teach the mantises about hiding! An adaptation that has to be seen to be believed.




We'll bring along a scorpion too.
These fellows are not friendly, but you have to be patient with them, they were the first animals to walk on land. Maybe they're still holding a 500 million year old grudge!




Have you ever heard of a myriapod?
They are the centipedes and millipedes. The millipedes, ( a white one shown here,) are like the potato bugs, (below,) content to eat the rotting plants of the planet. But the centipedes are amazingly violent hunters, that if sizes were similar, could easily take down a rhino, tiger or a bear! Fortunately sizes are no where close to similar so they satisfy themselves with spiders.





The humble Potato Bug
We'll show you how important a silly little guy is that every child has seen when they flip over a rock. Probably the most important animal on Earth! Quietly turning every fallen tree in every forest in the world into the precious dirt every plant needs.




Some of these will be touchable, and we can even let them run across your arm,
but others will be "look and see" bugs only. Unlike our snakes and alligators,
bugs are untrainable, so we must be very careful that everyone stays safe.

We are also certain that you will enjoy the big bug party much more if
you can see all the small details of these creatures, so we are including
our amazing magna-camera in the show as well



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